A cure for the dentistry estimate recoil: Educate clients, THEN sell them


Mark Opperman has two ways you can get your clients to agree to this needed yet expensive veterinary health service.

Those expensive veterinary dental cleanings. Even if you don't find any major oral issues, prices are may be hitting $500 to $600 just for the anesthetized examination and cleaning itself. Mark Opperman, CVPM, of VMC Inc. in Evergreen, Colorado, has two ways you might get hesitant clients to agree to this vital part of a pet's healthcare: 1) Communicate the value by showing a video of the entire intricate process; 2) Offer an in-house payment plan for trusted clients-one-third today, one-third 30 days later, and one-third 30 days after that. (Don't fear accounts receivable!) Hear more:

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