CSU veterinarians calling for cats with renal failure


Colorado State University veterinarians are looking for cats with chronic kidney disease to enroll in five current studies.

If you or your clients have cats that have been diagnosed with renal failure, consider enrolling them in a Colorado State University (CSU) study. CSU veterinarians are looking for qualified cats to participate in five current studies that investigate various aspects of the disease at no cost to participants. In fact, some studies offer monetary benefits, including a $600 stipend.

One study will examine the potential of an appetite stimulate to improve the quality of life for cats with stable kidney disease. Another will look at whether fatty acids in the feline diet are related to antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects in qualified cats. And another will determine the impact of injections on improving anemia.

In addition to the studies, the CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital is offering free private cremation services for cats that have died from chronic kidney failure. CSU veterinarians would like to obtain postmortem autopsy kidney samples to further study if a decrease in the ability of kidney cells to repair themselves is related to why kidney disease occurs in cats. Remains would be returned to pet owners in about a week's time.

Fore more information about any of these studies and how to apply, contact Dr. Jessica Quimby at jquimby@colostate.edu.

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