Create a motto for your veterinary team


Use fun and games to define your practice's unique selling proposition.

Create your clinic's motto at a team meeting with an exercise that will define your unique selling proposition (USP). Ask your staff questions like:

  • What are the biggest benefits of service we provide?

  • What makes us different from other clinics in the community?

  • Why should someone bring his pet to see us?

Take those ideas and then identify what needs are not being met in the your practice and your community. Then decide what your clinic will do to fulfill those needs. Condense all of these ideas into a clear one-line sentence and voila, you have your very own USP that is perfect for posting on your clinic's website, invoices, letter reminders, and any other correspondence that goes out to clients.

—Helen Moll, practice manager

Hyde Park Veterinary Clinic

Tampa, Fla.

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