Could you lose your job to an overseas worker?


It might sound crazy, but employers are shipping all sorts of work overseas to save money.

Almost 1 million American jobs have been outsourced to other countries since 2000, according to the Department of Labor. These lost positions come from all types of livelihoods ranging from manufacturing to IT to white collar accounting.

But Yahoo! HotJobs reports that the Department of Labor says some jobs aren't likely to be shipped overseas. And if you're a veterinary team member, your job is probably one of them. Why are you safe? It's simple: Pet care requires face-to-whisker contact. High-quality veterinary care can't be administered from across the clinic, let alone from across the pond.

Here are nine careers that Yahoo! HotJobs says the Labor Department deems almost outsourcing proof:

1. Dental hygienist

2. Pharmacy technician

3. Fitness professional

4. Teacher aide

5. Auto repair technician

6. Pet groomer

7. Plumber

8. Veterinary assistant

9. Electrician

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