The Cost of Cuteness: How Veterinarians Can Improve the Health and Welfare of Brachycephalics

March 27, 2019

Date: April 10 - April 10, 2019


Title of course: The Cost of Cuteness: How Veterinarians Can Improve the Health and Welfare of BrachycephalicsCourse offered by: Humane Society Veterinary Medical AssociationPresenter: Sean Wensley, BVSc, MSc, FRCVSRegistration page URL: of course content:Brachycephalic dogs can be endearing, but their body shape and flat face are linked to health problems that reduce their quality of life. Drawing on his collaborative work with the UK Brachycephalic Working Group, Dr Sean Wensley will highlight how veterinarians around the world are speaking up about health and welfare harms linked to selective breeding.Dr Wensley will empower veterinary professionals to become part of the solution by discussing the importance of: Articulating the health harms caused to animals by selectively breeding for appearance over health; Providing leadership in animal welfare beyond the veterinary clinic on problems linked to breeding for brachycephaly, through practical community outreach activities and input to professional bodies; Approaching the welfare problems linked to breeding for brachycephaly in a structured and comprehensive way, considering both supply and demand, and focusing on how to improve the health and welfare of both existing and future generations; Articulating key health and welfare advice to safeguard the current generation of brachycephalic animals

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