Core Surgery Procedures for the Small Animal GP


Date: May 15 - May 16, 2016


In this course veterinarians will learn, review, and practice the principles of soft tissue surgical procedures that are performed commonly in general small animal practice. The participant will gain knowledge, experience, and confidence in performing specific abdominal surgical procedures such as exploratory celiotomy, abdominal biopsy techniques, gastrotomy, enterotomy, intestinal resection and anastomosis, cystotomy, and ovariohysterectomy. Additional abdominal procedures that may be selected and performed by the participant include diaphragmatic hernia repair, gastropexy, and splenectomy. Additional surgical procedures such as soft palate resection, neutering the male dog, esophagostomy tube placement in the feline, dew claw removal in the canine, onychectomy in the feline, lymph node biopsy and caudectomy (tail amputation) in the canine and feline may be practiced. All procedures are performed on canine or feline cadavers with the exception of ovariohysterectomy which will be performed on a live dog that is returned to a shelter for adoption. Registrants may opt out of live dog surgery and perform procedures described above on cadavers.

Event type: Hands-on labs

Event Address: Oquendo Center2425 E. Oquendo Rd., Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

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For More Information:Janis Knoetzel,WVC

2425 E. Oquendo Rd. ,Las Vegas ,Nevada ,89120 ,USA


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