Compelling updates in veterinary surgery

October 12, 2018

Specialist says localized and minimally invasive is where it's at.

Zwiebackesser--stock.adobe.comWhen it comes to updates in the veterinary world, the realm of surgery mimics the profession at large in terms of constant change. Orthopedic specialist and Fetch dvm360 conference speaker David Dycus, DVM, MS, CCRP, DACVS-SA, shared with us a pair of improvements that have him excited.

First is the establishment of a liposome-encapsulated, long-lasting form of bupivacaine (Nocita-Aratana) for use in conjunction with certain canine procedures. Dr. Dycus points to current difficulties in obtaining opioids-not to mention other widespread problems associated with these drugs-as necessitating this change.

"The introduction of a long-lasting, local anesthetic for veterinary use has really helped make patients become much more comfortable following cruciate ligament surgery," he says.

Veterinary orthopedic wisdom: Keep 'em moving

Just because veterinary orthopedics is constantly evolving doesn't mean it can't be influenced by the past. In fact, Dr. Dycus came across a quote from 1895 that hit the nail on the proverbial head. Take a listen to what French surgeon Just Lucas-Championnière had to say about rehabilitation and how Dr. Dycus applies it to his everyday practice.

The other development that has Dr. Dycus energized is just how minimally invasive orthopedic procedures in general are becoming. He cites these examples:

  • The ability to put an arthroscope into almost any joint.

  • The consequent ability to treat most joint conditions arthroscopically.

  • The effectiveness of minimally invasive fracture repair-"This leads to less tissue morbidity, quicker recovery and, of course, a happier owner," he says.

  • The appearance of more minimally invasive techniques for pain management and osteoarthritic management.

"When it comes to rehabilitation and reparative or regenerative medicine, we're using things like platelet-rich plasma, cortisone, stem cells or other injectables," he says.

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