Communication Coaching Skills Workshop

August 15, 2017

Date: November 10 - November 12, 2017


This laboratory-based, experiential workshop led by veterinary communication experts provides participants with opportunities to practice communication coaching skills and receive feedback with immediate relevance to coaching or facilitation skills in the educational or veterinary clinic setting. Communication coaching skills are highly transferable to clinic, leadership, and educational settings where optimizing team or individual performance is important. For educators, the workshop presents a high caliber coaching process, model of a communication laboratory, feedback structure, and utilization of simulated client educators providing methods that can be applied to developing a communication curriculum and expanding a pool of faculty facilitators. For practice leaders, managers, and supervisors, the workshop presents a coaching process that can be used in the moment in observing client interactions, and providing descriptive feedback enhancing veterinary team communication skill development and developing onsite communication coaches in the veterinary practice. A limited workshop registration and a low instructor:participant ratio (1:4) ensures a personalized learning experience with individual feedback. Each participant will serve as a communication coach, interview simulated clients, and provide peer feedback supported by video recording to reflect on performance. In this 14-hour intensive workshop, you will learn: A structured and step-wise coaching process Facilitation skills that balance challenging and supporting learners or veterinary teams Skills for providing effective and constructive feedback Approaches to overcoming common challenges in learning and coaching communication skills Clinical communication skills to model for your veterinary team

Event type: CE workshop

Event Address: CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital300 West Drake Road, Fort Collins, CO, USA

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Sponsor: Colorado State University

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