Coming clean about cleaning products

January 31, 2018

Your current cleaning products are weighing your veterinary practice downnot to mention that pesky biofilm they leave behind. With new probiotic cleaning solutions, your practice, patients and staff will shine just that much brighter.


Heather Lewis, AIA, NCARB-a veterinary architect and Veterinary Economics Hospital Design Conference educator-loves cleaning because it makes lives better for veterinarians. They themselves don't usually do the cleaning, but their staff does, and having a clean facility is really important to everyone involved. Having a space that smells good is good for customer service, but it's also about having a great place for the patients that stay in your hospital.

In with the new, out with the mold  

It's true: Your team members, clients and patients are the best. That's why your clinic deserves only the best in disinfection. Shop our marketplace for the cleaner that best serves your practice. 

And one of the most exciting things happening right now in cleaning and sanitation is the new probiotic solutions coming to market, says Lewis. Cleaning solutions-like Z-ProBiotic products, for example-take the place of harmful bacteria and eat the food source that create these awful biofilms on surfaces that are hard to clean. These new probiotic cleaners are therefore creating environments that are actually cleaner and help support the cleaning technology, she says.

Scratching the surface of the topic of cleaning products can be sticky-literally. Maybe scratch a little harder, Lewis says. Or maybe ditch those outdated cleaning products and methods and switch to something better for your clinic space, staff and your patients.

Remember, these solutions don't replace cleaning and sanitation, but they enhance it. And one of the things that Lewis likes about what they will do for animals is creating spaces that are much more odor free, environmentally friendly and therefore much better all-around for patients.