Clinical Medicine in Exotic Pets | Prof. Dr. Knotek (CZ)

September 5, 2019

Date: May 25 - May 29, 2020


Principal Course Master:Prof. Dr. Zdenek Knotek, MVDr. CSc. Dipl ECZM (CZ)Please note: This course is open to Newcomers!OverviewThe ESAVS Exotic Pets Medicine and Surgery courses cover the core of the exotic pet medicine and surgery curriculum over a three year period, with particular emphasis on the diagnosis and treatment of captive reptiles, birds and small mammals from an advanced care perspective.This program is designed specifically for veterinarians wishing to gain advanced experience in exotic pet medicine and to deepen further expertise in the practical management of patients (reptiles, birds and small mammal).In this course participants will learn about how to realise the standard post mortem examination of exotic pet patient and how to use the methods of clinical pathology (parasitology, haematology, cytology and plasma chemistry) in modern clinical practice.The successful management of difficult to treat problems will be discussed.Key Features of ESAVS Exotic Pets Medicine and Surgery Courses The Exotic Pets Medicine and Surgery Program III. consists of one-week residential course (one week course per year) The course consist of teaching classes (~50%) and intensive practical sessions in labs (~50%) Course participants obtain access to comprehensive teaching materials and have the opportunity to practice in small groups. Between the residential courses participants have access to distance learning modules. Exotic Pets Medicine and Surgery courses of ESAVS are routinely recognized by the European College of Veterinary Dermatology (ECVD), which means they satisfy all the required criteria for continuing recognition in this discipline.LanguageAll modules will be held in China, in English language with consecutive translation in Chinese.

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