Clinic center: Recent veterinary health facilities opening across North America


Take a look at these 3 veterinary centers newly opened or coming soon

The expansion of new veterinary health facilities across the country significantly enhances animal care and service accessibility. With more clinics and hospitals available, pet owners can receive timely consultations, preventive care, and emergency services, which contribute to better overall health outcomes for animals. Additionally, health facilities for zoos create more opportunities for specialized treatments, advanced diagnostic services, and cutting-edge medical technologies for exotic animals.

Here are 3 recent clinic and zoo facilities opening across the United States and Canada:

Maritime Veterinary Emergency + Specialty Centre, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

The lobby of Maritime Veterinary Emergency + Specialty Centre in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. (Photo courtesy of Maritime)

The lobby of Maritime Veterinary Emergency + Specialty Centre in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. (Photo courtesy of Maritime)

Maritime Veterinary Emergency + Specialty Centre recently opened its doors at 39 MicMac Blvd. in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, located in the Mic Mac Mall complex. The new emergency hospital is 24,000 square feet and led by 4 local veterinarians. This hospital offers 24/7 emergency care, physical rehabilitation, acupuncture, chiropractic care, and exotics medicine, with plans to offer surgery in June and theriogenology in July.1

“Our team is extremely proud and excited for the opportunities that our new hospital brings our community,” said Blaise Myette, hospital director at Maritime, in the release.1 “Our hospital will deliver much-needed medical care for pets in the greater Halifax Regional Municipality and beyond.”

The Maritime hospital design features critical care suites, an advanced surgery suite, digital radiology, 9 exam rooms, with an additional “comfort room,” a full in-house laboratory, endoscopy and ultrasound technology, blood bank services, and a rehabilitation suite with an underwater treadmill.1

CityVet in Southtown, Texas

CityVet in Southtown, Texas. (Photo courtesy of CityVet)

CityVet in Southtown, Texas. (Photo courtesy of CityVet)

CityVet recently opened a new clinic located at 1028 S. Alamo St. in San Antonio, Texas. Located in the historical neighborhood of Southtown, Texas, the CityVet clinic, founded by a veterinarian, offers full-service care for pets, which includes preventative care, diagnostics, surgery, grooming, dental care, and same-day walk-ins. This location also has dedicated exam rooms and waiting areas designed specifically for cats.2

Anne Romeo, DVM, graduate of Texas A&M University, will be at the forefront of the clinic. With 9 years of experience in the veterinary profession, Romeo’s experience includes preventative care, veterinary specialties, and educational initiatives that strive to offer inclusive patient care.2 “I am thrilled to partner with CityVet and open a clinic here in my hometown,” said Romeo. “There are currently no veterinary clinics in the Southtown area and members of the community are always looking for exceptional veterinarian care for their furry friends.”

David Boguslawski, CityVet president and CEO commented on Romeo’s partnership with CityVet. "We are thrilled to partner with Dr Romeo on the opening of our 7th clinic in the San Antonio area. Being a native to the area, we feel that she truly understands the community and their needs; and we know that Dr Romeo and her team will provide the highest standard of care for our new neighbors,” he said.2

Elmwood Park Zoo Veterinary Health Center in Norristown, Pennsylvania

The Elmwood Park Zoo in Norristown, Pennsylvania is completing the new Frank & Paige Engro Veterinary Health Center, set to open June 27, 2024. The health facility will give zoo veterinary professionals the space to provide medical care to the animals, while also allowing the public to get a behind-the-scenes look at how the Elmwood Park Zoo’s veterinary team operates.

“Elmwood Park Zoo’s mission truly comes to life once you step inside our new Welcome Center,” said Al Zone, executive director and CEO, Elmwood Park Zoo, in the release.3 “Every element of our new facility touches on 3 themes – care, conservation, and connection – and those themes are further highlighted through interactive displays and reactive lighting. The new exhibits and access to portions of the health center aim to educate guests about the important role zoos play in protecting and caring for wildlife.”

The facility will be 39,000 sq ft and will include animal exhibits, as well as a welcome center that will host quizzes and games to help educate guests on Elmwood Park Zoo’s animal care and conservation efforts. Additionally, there will be viewing windows to provide guests with insight on how the veterinary staff conducts exams and procedures, as well as prepares diets for its animals on a daily basis.3


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