Clinic center: New veterinary locations and services expanding care for pets


Take a look at these 3 veterinary clinics newly opened

New veterinary clinics in neighborhoods across the country signifies a substantial step forward in improving pet care and increasing the availability of services. These cutting-edge facilities are furnished with advanced technology and manned by proficient veterinary professionals dedicated to delivering exceptional medical care. With their dedication, these newly established clinics contribute to the well-being of pets and reinforce the connection between humans and animals.

Here are 3 recent clinic openings across the United States:

Ali'i Animal in Kaneohe, Hawaii

Ali'i Animal is Hawaii's leading provider of veterinary care with locations in Kaka'ako, Kailua, Kahala, and now expanding to Kaneohe. Located in the Windward City Shopping Center at 45-480 Kaneohe Bay Drive, Store B-06, Kaneohe, Hawaii, the new clinic will operate every day from 8 AM to 6 PM.1

Matt Malta, owner and executive hospital and resort director of Ali'i Animal Unleashed (left) and Ali'i Animal Hospital's owner, Joanna Cook, DVM (right). (Photo courtesy of Ali'i Animal)

Matt Malta, owner and executive hospital and resort director of Ali'i Animal Unleashed (left) and Ali'i Animal Hospital's owner, Joanna Cook, DVM (right). (Photo courtesy of Ali'i Animal)

Also a part of the Ali'i Animal network is Ali’i Unleashed, a resort that offers boarding, daycare, training, and grooming. "We are excited to care for Kaneohe's companion collective," Matt Malta, owner and executive hospital and resort director, said in the release. "This new location will offer windward pet parents the convenience of same-day service and urgent care needs.1

"It's been a dream to expand Ali'i Animal's services to our Windward community," said owner, Joanna Cook, DVM. "This is a milestone in our journey to elevate pet care standards across the island. We are dedicated to fostering healthier, happier lives for pets and their families."1

BluePearl Hospital in Monroeville, Pennsylvania

The BluePearl Hospital in Monroeville is located at 4224 Northern Pike and is over 11,343 square feet. The new hospital is open now and offers surgery by appointment with opening hours set from 7 AM to 6 PM Monday to Thursday and 8 AM to 4 PM on Fridays. After a few months of operation, the hospital will also offer urgent care services and will expanded its hours to accommodate these appointments and walk-ins.2

“The Monroeville community has a huge need for specialty and emergency veterinary care,” said Rebecca Malloy, practice manager at BluePearl Monroeville, in a release. “We are glad to be able to serve the local community and provide pet owners with the comfort that should their furry companion ever need our services, our dedicated and passionate Associates are ready and willing to help, even in the most complex cases.”2

BluePearl Monroeville. (Photo courtesy of BluePearl)

BluePearl Monroeville. (Photo courtesy of BluePearl)

The hospital’s current staff is comprised of 1 surgeon, 2 technicians, 2 veterinary assistants, and 2 client service coordinators.2 When the Monroeville hospital takes on urgent care services, the team will likely expand.

“We are delighted to open the doors at BluePearl Monroeville, the newest member of the BluePearl family,” said Da Chang, chief operating officer at BluePearl. “Our new state-of-the-art hospital will allow us to provide pet owners in Monroeville with leading specialty and emergency veterinary care when their pets need us most.”2

MySimplePet Express in Denver, Colorado

MySimplePet Express clinics are new walk-in veterinary services at PetSmart locations. This new clinic innovation is kicking off in Denver, Colorado at the Highlands Ranch and Sheridan locations. These express clinics will be staffed with experienced veterinarians and dedicated technicians and can offer clients a range of services including vaccines, wellness consultations, nutritional advice, and more.3

MySimplePet is hoping these walk-in clinics conveniently located in PetSmart buildings will help clients with an easier accessibility to veterinary care. They are open 7 days a week and there is no appointment required.3 These clinics are meant for minor to moderate veterinary cases and preventative care and all major emergencies like seizures, poison exposure, and trauma, should seek out the nearest emergency hospital.

The company is also the makers of MySimplePetLab, veterinarian approved First Aid Care Dog Kits designed to help address cuts, minor, injuries, and would give pet parents whether they are on the road or in their own homes.


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