Client handout: Say no to chicks and ducklings this spring

March 29, 2019
Laurie Hess, DVM, DABVP (avian)

Dr. Laurie Hess owns Veterinary Center for Birds & Exotics in Bedford Hills, New York. She is also a regular online and TV contributor as well as the author of the new book Unlikely Companions: The Adventures of an Exotic Animal Doctor (or, What Friends Feathered, Furred, and Scaled Have Taught Me about Life and Love).

While these babies are adorable, they dont make the cuddly pets youd wish theyd be as they grow.

Spring is here and so are all the baby animals, including cute little fuzzy chicks and ducklings. Before veterinary clients rush out and impulsively purchase or adopt one of these irresistible little creatures, use this handout to help them understand the commitment these birds really are.

Click here to download the handout.