Client handout: The perfect scratching post

February 23, 2018
Elizabeth Colleran, DVM, DABVP (feline practice)
Elizabeth Colleran, DVM, DABVP (feline practice)

Dr. Elizabeth Colleran is the owner and Hospital Director of two exclusively feline practices and is an ABVP Diplomate in Feline Practice. She participated in the 2013 Bayer Veterinary Care and Usage Study 3 Feline Findings. Prior to veterinary school, she worked in Sales and Marketing Management for IBM where she worked with Fortune 500 companies to streamline internal networks. Her passions are her crazy husband, two equally crazy Burmese cats, bicycling and Indian cuisine.

Your veterinary clients want their cats to keep their claws. What they don't want is said claws on their furniture, carpet or any other forbidden-but-scratch-perfect place. Here's help.

It's wise to assume that indoor cats scratch for the same reason their outdoor counterparts do: visual signaling, conditioning of claws, scent signaling with sebaceous glands of the feet, and stretching. When cats are scratching in the right place, pet owners are just as content as their feline friends. When cats scratch in the wrong place, well … cats keeping their claws becomes a risk rather than a reward. Help pet owners build a better scratching environment with this handout. 

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