Client handout: Cherry eye: Not just a cosmetic nuisance for pets


Veterinary clients often make the mistake of thinking cherry eye is medically irrelevant or simply a cosmetic issue to be ignored. Have them feast their eyes on this handoutthey might think twice.

Pet owners might think that when the gland inside a pet's third eyelid prolapses, a condition commonly termed cherry eye, it's just an eyesore (yes, I went there!). This is, of course, not the case! If cherry eye isn't addressed properly, there can be serious side effects for the pet. Use this handout to help educate your veterinary clients on the cause of cherry eye and what they should do if they encounter it in their pet. 

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Kirstin Lee is a freelance writer and certified veterinary technician who lives and works in Wheatridge, Colorado as an ophthalmology and dermatology liaison and cares deeply about pets' eyes.

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