Choose wisely when picking a name for your veterinary practice


Consumers prefer brand names with repetition and alliteration, a new study finds.

Quick, what’s the first brand of soda that comes to mind? If it’s Coca-Cola, you’re not alone—and not just because it’s the world’s most popular soft drink. In fact, part of the drink’s success may lie in its name.

According to a new study published in the Journal of Marketing, audible exposure to repetitive-sounding brand names—like Coca-Cola, Kit Kat, and Jelly Belly—favorably affects how consumers choose and purchase items. To test the theory, researchers from the University of Alberta offered study participants identical samples of ice cream but gave them two different names. The participants more frequently preferred the sample with the repetitive-sounding name.

So how does your veterinary hospital’s name stack up? While names like Pet Care Animal Hospital might work just fine, you might attract more clients with a catchier name. Vets and Pets Veterinary Hospital, anyone?

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