Chewy celebrates 10-year anniversary by honoring loyal customers

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To kick off the celebration, the company unveiled its Ultimate Pet Portrait—2 large-scale murals featuring the pets of more than 100 customers who have been with the brand since 2011.

Chewy's South Florida mural, created by muralist Ernesto Maranje. (Photo courtesy of @dub3ra / Maxx Mcinerney)

Chewy's South Florida mural, created by muralist Ernesto Maranje. (Photo courtesy of @dub3ra / Maxx Mcinerney)

Chewy, Inc. is celebrating its 10th anniversary by unveiling the Ultimate Pet Portrait— 2 large-scale murals featuring pets of loyal customers who have been with the company since its inception in 2011.

This unique and colorful tribute features a variety of dogs, cats, birds, and even guinea pigs. Chewy drew inspiration for this project from its renowned and beloved practice of surprising customers with handmade pet portraits.

“We are incredibly proud to place customers at the forefront of our 10-year celebration and to pay tribute to them with the Ultimate Pet Portrait,” says Sumit Singh, chief executive officer at Chewy, in a company release.

“At Chewy, we are guided by a shared mission to deliver an exceptional customer experience every time, and to make compelling, long-lasting connections with the people and pets who are at the center of everything we do,” he adds.

According to the release, Chewy elected to showcase its South Florida mural in Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood because of its reputation for exhibiting popular and vibrant street-art culture. Muralist Ernesto Maranje of South Florida focused on capturing pets’ unique ability to bring people together, including bright elements of color to enhance the joy of the event.

Supplementary to this, the Seaport neighborhood in Boston, Massachusetts offered a perfect backdrop for the second mural which is located at Sea Green Park. Many local pets and their owners regularly gather at this spot, which happens to be only a few blocks away from the company’s office. The design, which promotes Chewy’s popular brand campaign, “Pets Bring Us Together,” will be on view through September 2021.

To further propel its commitment to animal health, Chewy will also be donating $1 million worth of products through Greater Goods Charities’ Rescue Bank Program to various US animal welfare organizations including pet shelters and food banks.

Since 2012, Chewy has donated over $76 million in products to secure the quality for both shelter and rescue pets. To learn more about Chewy and its mission, go here.

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