Cat-friendly accommodations for feline veterinary patients


Cat visits have been front and center in discussions about veterinary revenue, business building, and client service in 2012. Of course, this issue has a design element, too. Here's a look at how practices are making cats feel comfortable.

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Window on the world

This cat boarding area in Coral Springs Animal Hospital, in Coral Springs, Fla., lets cats peek out at reception area action for entertainment. Bonus: The window promotes cat boarding to the human visitors who look in.

Photo courtesy of Tim Murphy, Foto Imagery

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Cat-friendly waiting

Frey Pet Hospital, located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, included two separate waiting areas for dogs and cats on the right and left side of main reception as you face the reception desk. “Separation is the key thing,” says veterinary architect Dan Chapel. “Even if you can’t fit in completely separate seating areas, build in the flexibility for pet owners to separate them- selves and avoid stress for their pets.”

Photo courtesy of Read Photography

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New homes for feline friends

In a design move that truly shows dedication to cats, Antioch Veterinary Hospital in Antioch, Calif., included an adoption center in their reception area, which local rescue organizations and clients use to help find homes for cats and kittens (and even small dogs). The service is provided at no cost.

Photo courtesy of Eric Rorer Photography

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Environmental enrichment

The feline boarding that Dr. Marilee King planned for Anderson Veterinary Clinic in Anderson, Calif., offers lots of natural light for sunbathing. Wall steps let cats perch where they can look outside, and bird feeders outside the window add interest to their days. A cat tree and perch give cats a place to sharpen their claws. Cats also have toys and a tunnel available for their entertainment.

Photo courtesy of Anderson Veterinary Clinic

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