Case 3


Common causes of hypercalcemia in dogs3

• Spurious elevation-lipemia, hemolysis, hemoconcentration, hyperproteinemia

• Hyperparathyroidism-primary hyperparathyroidism, renal secondary hyperparathyroidism

• Malignancy-lymphoma, apocrine gland adenocarcinoma, multiple myeloma, metastatic bone tumors

• Hypervitaminosis D-cholecalciferol rodenticide, houseplants, human medications, dietary oversupplementation, granulomatous/fungal disease

• Hypoadrenocorticism


Given Harley's signalment, clinical history, and laboratory abnormalities, what are your top two differentials for this case?

a) Renal disease and neoplasia

b) Hyperparathyroidism and neoplasia

c) Hypoadrenocorticism and fungal disease

d) Laboratory error and hypoparathyroidism

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