Canopy Animal Health launches canine CBD line

February 4, 2021
dvm360 Staff

SurityPro CBD soft chews and well drops are well studied and formulated to deliver the most CBD per body weight of any product on the market.

Canopy Animal Health, a division of Canopy Growth Corporation (TSX: WEED, NASDAQ: CGC), has announced the launch of SurityPro, a line of science-backed cannabidiol (CBD) products designed to support calm behavior, joint health, and healthy aging, and to enhance physical and mental well-being in dogs.

With more than 32 completed studies on the use of cannabinoids in pets, the SurityPro portfolio is scientifically formulated to deliver carefully controlled CBD content for customized daily use in dogs of all sizes. All SurityPro CBD products carry the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) quality seal, which indicates strict adherence to manufacturing, labeling, testing, and marketing guidelines. The products do not contain corn, soy, artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

“After 4 years of continuing research, testing and collaborating with the veterinary community and regulatory authorities, our new products meet the most rigorous quality standards,” says Robert Menardi, DVM, director of veterinary educational and technical services at Canopy Animal Health, in a press release. “We are confident in the science behind our products and committed to making CBD soft chews and oils that pet owners can trust and dogs will love.”

All SurityPro products, which average about $35 each, are formulated to deliver the highest amount of CBD per body weight available. There are 5 unique formulas with different intended benefits:

  • SurityPro Calm (smoky bacon flavor, 30 count) with L-theanine
    • Small dogs (5-25 lb), 11 mg CBD/chew
    • Medium dogs (26-50 lb), 22 mg CBD/chew
    • Large dogs (51-130 lb), 50 mg CBD/chew
  • SurityPro Active (smoky bacon flavor, 30 count) with boswellia
    • Small dogs (5-25 lb), 14 mg CBD/chew
    • Medium dogs (26-50 lb), 28 mg CBD/chew
    • Large dogs (51-130 lb), 54 mg CBD/chew
  • SurityPro Multi (smoky bacon flavor, 30 count) with L-theanine, boswellia, and krill oil
    • Small dogs (5-25 lb), 15 mg CBD/chew
    • Medium dogs (26-50 lb), 29 mg CBD/chew
    • Large dogs (51-130 lb), 57 mg CBD/chew
  • SurityPro Healthy Aging (smoky bacon flavor, 30 count) with green-lipped mussel, lutein, and zeaxanthin
    • Small dogs (5-25 lb), 13 mg CBD/chew
    • Medium dogs (26-50 lb), 25 mg CBD/chew
    • Large dogs (51-130 lb), 48 mg CBD/chew
  • SurityPro Well Drops (unflavored, chicken, bacon, and creamy peanut butter flavors, 750 mg CBD/bottle)

In addition to SurityPro, Canopy Animal Health has partnered with Martha Stewart to launch another line of CBD products for pets that includes CBD oil drops and savory soft-baked chews for dogs formulated with premium hemp-derived, broad-spectrum CBD. The flavors, created by Stewart, include chicken and cranberry, chicken and blueberry, and chicken and blueberry + anise, as well as chicken-flavored wellness drops.

To purchase SurityPro and Martha Stewart CBD pet products, visit or Direct CBD Online.