Canine Rehabilitation Therapist Module

March 22, 2018

Date: September 28 - October 02, 2018


Canine Rehabilitation Therapist introduces students to clinical assessment, goal-setting, treatment planning and outcome measurement in canine rehabilitation from a physical therapy perspective. This case-based course highlights orthopedic conditions and injuries involving the extremities and the spine. Practical applications of joint mobilization, modalities and therapeutic exercise are covered. Participants get hands-on experience with dogs on site. The business of canine rehabilitation is discussed as well as pertinent legal and ethical issues. This course will also cover canine neuro rehabilitation. Students get hands-on experience with dogs on site as they learn how to perform a neurologic exam and apply neurophysiological facilitation techniques. Developing goal-focused treatment plans and assessing outcomes in canine neuro-rehabilitation patients are also covered.

Event type: RACE approved onsite/live CE

Event Address: Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital10140 W. 44th Avenue, Wheat Ridge, CO, US

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Sponsor: Canine Rehabliitation Institute

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10140 W. 44th Avenue