Canine Elimination Problems


After completing this unit, you will be able to explain to owners the complicated issues involved in canine elimination. (1 CE credit)

After completing this self-directed, one-CE-credit unit, you will be able to:

> Explain to owners why non-contingent punishment for elimination problems is ineffective.

> Explain the role of urine as communication in dogs and why this presents problems in solving elimination problems.

> Outline the steps for successfully housebreaking a dog or puppy.

> Name differential medical diagnoses that could be mistaken for behavioral elimination problems.

> Diagnose and treat incomplete housebreaking, urinary marking, separation anxiety related elimination, excitatory/submissive urination, fear based urination and elimination related to olfactory cues.

> List relevant questions that will aid in the differential diagnosis of elimination problems.

> Understand the role of behavioral pharmacology in the treatment of elimination problems.

This module is part of the Animal Behavior course. Each student must complete the Introduction to Animal Behavior course (VMLL 2330) before enrolling in this course.


Jennie Willis Jamtgaard, (970) 481-4252,

Jennie Willis Jamtgaard has a Ph.D. in Zoology, with an emphasis in animal behavior. Her doctoral research was on learning and cognition in the domestic dog. She received her M.S. degree also in Zoology , but with an emphasis in genetics. Jennie has been teaching at CSU as an instructor in many varied behavior and genetics courses, as well as introductory biology. Jennie is affiliated with the Department of Clinical Sciences, where she is instructor for a course in professional veterinary medicine.

Jennie owns a private consulting business, Animal Behavior Insights, and has been a professional consultant in companion animal behavior problems since 2000. During graduate school, she worked at Rocky Mountain National Park as an interpretive park ranger, educating the public on the biology of wild canines. Jennie is a board member of Colorado Greyhound Companions, a local greyhound rescue group, where she volunteers her services to decrease the relinquishment rate of animals due to behavior problems.

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