Cancer test launches within US and European veterinary clinics


Nu. Q Vet Cancer Test is now available through Antech



VolitionRx Limited announced that its Nu. Q Vet Cancer Test is now available to veterinarians across the United States and Europe through Antech, a veterinary diagnostics company. The Antech version of the product operates on the Element i+ Analyzer, providing veterinary teams with a quick, accurate, and cost-effective cancer screening tool for older patients or breeds that are high-risk.

"Through this collaboration, our groundbreaking Nu. Q technology is now available to veterinarians across the US and Europe, enabling vital canine cancer screening and providing in-clinic results within minutes. By incorporating the Nu. Q Canine Cancer Test into annual checkups or regular senior wellness exams, veterinarians can detect cancer earlier and help pet owners make timely, informed decisions about cancer care," said Tom Butera, DVM, CEO of Volition Veterinary Diagnostics Development LLC, in an organizational release.1,2

Nu. Q Vet Cancer Test can be used during annual wellness visits for older dogs and breads that have a higher risk of cancer such as boxers, golden retrievers, beagles, and others. The test uses an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay-based test that is noninvasive.3  If receiving a positive result, the veterinarian will need to confirm with a follow-up test such as a biopsy. According to the release, patients can have results within about 6 minutes.1

"Antech's rollout of the Nu. Q Canine Cancer Test marks a huge step forward for Volition as we seek to fulfill our mission of ensuring our epigenetic technology is accessible and affordable worldwide, to detect and monitor disease earlier and improve outcomes," Butera continued.1

Volition had an original license and supply agreement with Belgian Volition SRL and Heska, an Antech company also part of Mars Science & Diagnostics.1


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