Calm clients' concerns about pet diabetes


Calm clients' concerns about pet diabetes

"Your pet has diabetes." For many clients, this is a scary and confusing diagnosis—How did it happen? Could I have prevented it? What do I do now?

But while their minds are racing, it's your job to help calm their fears. And what better time to do it than November—National Pet Diabetes Month? Start with communication, says Heather Lynch, LVT, supervising technician at Tatum Point Animal Hospital in Phoenix. Some clients believe that diabetes is a diagnosis of doom—one that would lead to a life of pain and misery for the pet.

The team at Tatum Point makes sure that clients know that's not necessarily the case. They have found that a pet's insulin levels can usually be stabilized within six to 12 weeks, so team members give clients the options to test their pets at home and administer insulin themselves. Clients are often thrilled to find out that diabetes can be managed and that, by following wellness protocols, they can help their pets lead a happy and healthy life.

The key is to communicate with a positive attitude and to address clients' concerns head-on. Maintain an optimistic outlook and you'll soon have clients doing just the same—and working with your practice to manage their pets' diabetes.

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