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Butterfly Network and AVG collaborate to provide breakthrough ultrasound to UrgentVet clinics

dvm360dvm360 November 2021
Volume 52

Butterfly iQ Vet is a first-of-its-kind single probe, whole-body ultrasound system for all species.

The breakthrough Butterfly iQ Vet ultrasound system (Photo courtesy of Butterfly Network, Inc.).

The breakthrough Butterfly iQ Vet ultrasound system (Photo courtesy of Butterfly Network, Inc.).

Butterfly Network, Inc., a leader in point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS), and American Veterinary Group (AVG) have teamed up to equip all UrgentVet clinics with a Butterfly iQ Vet—the first and only single probe, whole-body ultrasound system designed for all animals.

According to a company release, UrgentVet is owned and operated by the American Veterinary Group and marks the first dedicated urgent care practice for pets. The partnership with Butterfly Network was finalized after UrgentVet staff first used an iQ Vet in its clinics.

“With COVID-related restrictions in our clinics, the volume of work has been felt by our team. We are a tech-focused, forward-thinking organization striving to continue to offer care in the way we always envisioned it—fast and expertly done," said Jim Dobies, DVM, UrgentVet founder, in the release.

"Prior to using the Butterfly iQ Vet, we were using an ultrasound that was more expensive and not as portable. The Butterfly technology was perfectly suited to what we do. In an acute setting, the Butterfly iQ Vet is fantastic. It can go anywhere," he continued.

The Butterfly iQ Vet is user-friendly for staff with novice ultrasound experience and assists practice staff at UrgentVet with scans. Additionally, Dobie noted that the real-time diagnostics within the exam room have helped demonstrate to owners what their pet is experiencing.

What's more, iQ Vet has also been adopted and used by a wide range of veterinarians to offer diagnostic insights and better care to all species. According to the release, with patented Ultrasound-on-Chip technology, Butterfly iQ Vet leverages the power of a semiconductor chip and pairs this with intuitive software accessible on a compatible mobile device or tablet (UrgentVet uses it most frequently with an iPad).

“Veterinary urgent care clinics are busier than ever. This is an important time to offer our powerful diagnostic tool, iQ Vet, that allows for fast and easy assessment,” disclosed Darius Shahida, Butterfly Network’s chief strategy & business development officer.

“The iQ Vet makes ultrasound as convenient as using a stethoscope, which is critically important for urgent care clinics. We are proud to support UrgentVet as the organization grows and expands,” he added.

For more information about Butterfly iQ Vet, go here.


Butterfly Network, American Veterinary Group collaborate to equip all UrgentVet clinics with point-of-care ultrasound. News release. September 23, 2021. Accessed September 27, 2021. [email].

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