Building Success with Clicker Training

March 26, 2019

Date: August 05 - August 26, 2019


Clicker training is a fast, clear, fun way to communicate with animals and the possibilities are endless! It is based on the scientific principles of learning, and is a humane, positive-only way to teach any learner anything they are physically and mentally capable of, without use of fear, coercion or force.It has been successfully used to train multiple species since the 1940s, with its popularity growing as the world realises its potential. Learners become an empowered part of the training process, making the trainer and animal equal partners, while both learn and have fun together.This course will introduce participants to the science and practice behind how and why clicker training works and the possibilities for its use both in the home setting and in veterinary practice.You will have a chance to get some hands-on practice of the mechanics of clicker training in your own environment, and report back to your tutor for feedback.

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