Breakthrough PEMF pad for pets now available


Innovative technology offers pain relief, stress relief, or accelerated healing

Photo courtesy of MDCN Technologies.

Photo courtesy of MDCN Technologies.

MDCN Technologies, Inc had major success with its PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) devices for humans with Omnipemf, thus they recently unveiled a programmable and gesture-controlled PEMF pad for pets, the Petspemf Pad.

"Helping people with PEMF devices and hearing their positive experiences always comes with a nice feeling. We saw that many people use their devices on their beloved pets, so we decided to create a new product that fits the pets' needs specifically. That is how Petspemf was born," expressed Marko Kadunc, CEO of Petspemf, in a company release.1

The Petspemf Pad is app controlled and made from durable, anti-scratching material with a waterproof inner cover. It offers 3 programs for pets including pain relief, stress relief, and accelerated healing. The pad is also lightweight and has a rechargeable battery for convenient transport. It can be used in pets' beds, transporters, crates, etc.

According to the release,1 25 scientific studies support the effectiveness of PEMF in helping animals by utilizing scientifically and clinically proven frequencies.

"It is amazing to see how many people responded positively to Petspemf even before we launched the product. This comes as no surprise though as more and more people consider their pets a part of their families which makes the veterinary care industry one of the fastest-growing segments in the pet product industry" stated Aleksandra Petrovska, growth marketing manager of Petspemf, in the release.


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