Bond Vet unveils new veterinary podcast


Led by a technician who sits down with fellow veterinary professionals for updates on the latest in the field

Bond Vet has debuted BondAir, a new podcast series spotlighting “candid conversations” on up-to-date topics with veterinary professionals. The podcast was first batch-recorded at the New York Vet Show and new episodes come out each week.

Photo courtesy of Bond Vet.

Photo courtesy of Bond Vet.

In a company release,1 the BondAir podcast host Jesse Longo, LVT, operations manager at Bond Vet, expressed, “We started this podcast to create a platform to connect and elevate the voices of veterinary medicine,” she added. “The episodes are conversational by design and discuss topics that aren’t always addressed in a really transparent, digestible way.”

The first 8 episodes highlighting speakers from Bond Vet and other veterinary organizations are outlined below.

  • Episode 1: Mental Health in Veterinary Medicine
    • Dr Anna Kaufman and Dr Kari Leibowitz
  • Episode 2: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Veterinary Medicine
    • Dr Gaby Fadl; Dr Lisa Greenhill; and Dr Stephanie Silberstang
  • Episode 3: Atypical Addison's
    • Dr Jeremy Kimmelstiel and Dr Tom Taney
  • Episode 4: Snippets From Surgery
    • Dr Philippa Pavia and Dr Renee McDougall
  • Episode 5: Motherhood in Veterinary Medicine
    • Dr Simone McLaughlin and Dr Leah Jackson
  • Episode 6: Euthanasia: Bringing the Home Experience Into the Clinic
    • Dr David Birse; Dr Jeremy Kimmelstiel; and Dr Sam Shone
  • Episode 7: The Path Forward on Technician Utilization
    • Jesse Longo, LVT; Feliza Lopez, LVT,VTS-ECC; and Rasheeda Persue, LVT
  • Episode 8: Let’s Talk About Toxins
    • Dr Sarah Zelinski; Dr Sabrina Katz; and Dr Amanda Denninger

“Since we started Bond Vet, we wanted to elevate the standard of care and quality of life for the veterinary community — these honest conversations are an essential way for the community to learn and grow together,” said Zay Satchu, DVM, chief veterinary officer and co-founder of Bond Vet. “We’re especially proud to be able to amplify voices from within our own Bond Vet community, as empowerment is a core tenet of Bond Vet.”1

Longo particularly has a passion for technician empowerment, however the episodes range from covering topics including mental health, DEI, complex cases, surgery methods, and beyond. The episodes are available on Spotify, Twitch, and YouTube.


Bond Vet launches BondAir, a podcast for veterinary professionals. News release. Bond Vet. November 14, 2022. Accessed November 15, 2022.

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