Bond Vet launches Nurse Elevation program

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dvm360, dvm360 March 2021, Volume 53,

The goal of this new initiative is to empower technicians to advance their careers by offering them training courses, tailored mentorship, and the opportunity to significantly boost their salary.

Bond Vet has announced the launch of the Nurse Elevation Program, a new initiative that offers technicians the opportunity to make 50% higher than the average veterinary technician salary.

“[Technicians] in the veterinary industry are often underpaid, under-evaluated, and not given the growth opportunities they deserve,” says Zay Satchu, DVM, chief veterinary officer and cofounder of Bond Vet, in a company release. “This program offers our [technicians] exponential growth personally, professionally, and financially.”

Veterinary technicians have faced an ongoing struggle with low pay, compassion fatigue, burnout, and a lack of recognition and opportunities, according to the 2016 National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA). This new initiative is designed to empower them to hone their expertise and advance their careers via training exercises and specialty certifications.

The Nurse Elevation Program establishes 4 distinct groups of technicians based on their experience, knowledge, licensing, and technical skills. Technicians can move from one tier to the next by completing a set of requirements developed by Bond Vet’s medical leadership team. As they move up, their compensation increases —“at each level, the hourly rate is best-in-class (up to $42 an hour).”

Within each pay band, the rate is higher for those who are licensed/credentialed.

Additionally, the program offers tailored mentorship to align with each technician’s professional goals. Also, a series of hands-on training initiatives encourage technicians to apply critical thinking and problem solving skills to solve the many puzzles of veterinary medicine. Technicians can also engage in RACE-approved continuing education opportunities, and in-house training for anesthesia, pain management, and periodontal disease, and therapy.

“This program gives our [technicians] the ability to continuously foster a growth mindset, expanding on their skills both personally and professionally,” says Jesse Longo, LVT, operations partner at Bond Vet. “It provides opportunities to become more than a [technician] on the floor and to evolve into a mentor, partner, or guide in our medicine.”

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