Bond Vet extends telehealth offerings throughout Northeast


Company aims to reach more pet owners and help their companion animals receive care they need

Bond Vet is expanding its telehealth services to pet owners across multiple states in the Northeast, including New York, Massachusetts, and Washington, DC. Along with physical hospital locations, Bond Vet’s telehealth services offer same-day visits, medication shipments (if necessary), and on-demand answers, while pet parents are at home.

Photo courtesy of Bond Vet.

Photo courtesy of Bond Vet.

“I’m thrilled to be focusing on elevating the standard of care and providing excellent quality of medicine with additional resources for people who love their pets, all along the Northeast Corridor,” expressed Lisa Lippman, DVM, director of virtual medicine, in a company release.1

“Virtual care is not a replacement for in-person exams, but it provides an opportunity to access timely care that many simply do not have. With the pandemic, the need for virtual care was greater than ever, and we have only seen that need grow over the past two years,” she continued.

According to the release,1 a 20-minute virtual veterinary visit is like an in-person visit with Bond Vet. A licensed veterinarian asks several questions, examines the pet over camera, asks further questions, and provides next steps and treatments, if applicable. Medical advice and prescriptions can benefit the pets without having to make a trip to the clinic. However, medical tests are not included with telehealth.

“Our online Telehealth visits are an easy and convenient way for pet owners to video chat with our vets, without having to leave their homes. We are saving about 80% of our telemedicine patients a physical trip to the veterinarian,” added Zay Satchu, co-founder and chief veterinary officer of Bond Vet, in the release.


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