BizQuiz: Are you a great employee? (Answer 4b)


Taking the BizQuiz? This is the answer to Question 4.

4) B—OK.

All team members—from receptionists to credentialed veterinary technicians—should always be broadening their horizons and learning about new medicine and medical terms, but not at the expense of the patients. In the situation of a veterinarian who doesn’t communicate effectively, it’s time to engage that doctor in a conversation, says Debbie Allaben Gair, CVPM, a Firstline Editorial Advisory Board member and owner of Bridging the Gap in Sparta, Mich. Start like this: “Could you say that statement in a way I could more easily understand so I can be most effective in working with you and communicating your recommendations to clients.” By focusing on the idea of better serving clients and patients, you’re more likely to reach a better understanding.

Remember that some veterinarians might not even realize their word choice is a challenge—medical terminology seems natural to them. They’ll appreciate you bringing the issue to light.

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