Best of break rooms


Veterinary architect shares the features that teams love.

The veterinary clinic break room at its best is a haven to which the staff can escape to recharge during a hectic day. HospitalDesign360 speaker Wayne Usiak, AIA, says the best break rooms feature common comforts:

  • Windows or access to a shaded patio

  • Kitchen amenities such as a sink, dishwasher and microwave

  • A vending area

He also says there is value in keeping the space flexible. This can be achieved by installing proper fixtures and furnishings:

  • Multiple smaller tables, as opposed to one large surface. This lets you "reconfigure the room and use it for continuing education, staff training and staff meetings," Usiak says.

  • A movable partition or retractable wall

Gimme a break (room)

Don't break your break room.

Check out Queenstown Veterinary Hospital's sweet break room.

3 steps to improving well-being and managing stress in veterinary practice.

Among these slices of home away from home, however, Usiak does caution against one thing:

"We've learned not to put lockers in break rooms because if something disappears from someone's locker, they'll assume someone went in that closed room when no one was around," he says.

Instead, he suggests placing personal lockers in hallways or other open areas.

Watch the video for more.

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