Bad MDs, work-life sway, scheduling: Podcasts for veterinary professionals

November 3, 2019
Brendan Howard, Business Channel Director

Brendan Howard oversees veterinary business, practice management and life-balance content for, dvm360 magazine, Firstline and Vetted, and plans the Practice Management track at all three Fetch dvm360 conferences.Brendan has proudly served under the Veterinary Economics and dvm360 banners for more than 10 years. Before that, he worked as a journalist, writer and editor at Entrepreneur magazine and a top filmed entertainment magazine in Southern California. Brendan received a Masters in English Literature from University of California, Riverside, in 1999.

The latest roundup from for a few of the latest veterinary podcasts available the past few weeks.

What's new in the world of podcasts for veterinary professionals? Check out these new episodes from the past few weeks.

Want the latest on the diet-related dilated cardiomyopathy controversy? Dr. Ernie Ward brings on nutritionist Dr. Ryan Yamka for a lengthy interview (website).

Dr. Andy Roark and Stephanie Goss tackle appointment scheduling(website). No, they're not getting into the argument about how long particular visits are supposed to be in your practice software, but general tips on how to schedule appointments and how to make your daily calendar as flexible as possible.

One podcasting team has waded into spicy issues the past few weeks. The DVM Divas tackle a shocking story of MD surgeons doing orthopedic surgery on shelter animals (website), and Dr. Melissa wrestles with her previous comments on maternity leave in veterinary practice (YouTube).

Interested in digital marketing for veterinary practices? Don't miss Dr. Dave Nicol's deep dive (website) with InTouch Practice Communications founder Bill Schroeder. And for you online ad nerds (I love you, you know that), check out Brandon Breshears' latest on new Facebook Ads features (website).

The latest interview at Podcast a Vet covers tips for work-life balance(website) from the warm and deeply compassionate vet school professor Dr. Ryane Englar on work-life balance. (If you hate the term “work-life balance,” feel free to call it something else: work-life fit, work-life integration, work-life interface or work-life sway.) Want more about your mental health? Vet School Unleashed just interviewed the founding director of veterinary social services at the University of Minnesota's Veterinary Medical Center about emotional wellbeing (iTunes).

For your veterinary clients!

Aaaaand here are podcast episodes to share with your world of curious pet owners (feel free to listen and vet them first, but we think these veterinarians are pretty solid):

• Making a move less stressful for cats? Yes, please (website).

• Avoiding lead poisoning in dogs and cats (website).