Back, Sacroiliac & Pelvic Problems of the Horse - A 2-Day Practical Course


Date: April 13 - April 14, 2019


Conditions affecting the back, pelvis and sacroiliac region are common in the horse and can cause pain, poor performance and lameness. Over the past decade the axial skeleton has been extensively researched; this new knowledge combined with recently published retrospective studies have shed light on these previously poorly understood problems. This 2-day practical course is suitable for veterinarians from mixed and equine practice who are keen to update their knowledge on the pathophysiology, clinical presentation, diagnosis and up-to-date therapy of back, pelvic and sacroiliac problems in the horse. In the mornings the following topics will be covered in well-illustrated lectures and case presentations: Clinical examination of the backAnatomy & Imaging of the backDiagnostic techniques for back conditionsCommon conditions of the backLess common conditions of the backSaddle fit assessmentSacroiliac disease Pathophysiology & DiagnosisSacroiliac disease Injections & TherapyClinical examination of the pelvis and hipImaging of the pelvis and hipSoft tissue and muscle conditions of the pelvisBony problems affecting the pelvis and hipOpen and frank discussions are encouraged during the dedicated question times and the speakers will share their personal experiences (successes and failures) with attendees. In the afternoons, 7 hours of practical sessions will give attendees the opportunity to put theory into practice on live horses and equine specimens and to ask questions in small groups (2 4 attendees / ultrasound machine), all under the supervision of specialists. The following practical sessions will be covered during the course: Clinical examination of the backUltrasound of the back & Facet Joint injectionsSaddle fit assessmentClinical examination of the pelvis and hipUltrasound of the pelvis & hipSacroiliac injection techniques on specimens

Event Address: Conley and Koontz Equine Hospital 2249 South 500 East , Columbia City, Indiana, United States

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