Avian, Reptile, & Small Mammal Endoscopy 2018

January 26, 2018

Date: November 30 - December 02, 2018


One of the internationally acclaimed endoscopy training programs from the University of Georgia, this 3-day continuing education course is designed to teach the theory and practical applications of diagnostic endoscopy and endosurgery in birds, reptiles, and exotic mammals. Whether you are a private practitioner, zoo/aquarium/wildlife veterinarian, or researcher this course will train you to perform minimally-invasive endoscopic procedures including biopsy techniques and basic endosurgery. This is a basic to intermediate level course, and fundamental knowledge of avian, reptilian and rabbit anatomy is assumed. You will be trained using PowerPoint lectures and video. In addition, there will be 9 hours of practical lab time in which you will be able to practice and develop your skills in anesthetized (non-recovery) research turtles or iguanas and pigeons, scheduled for euthanasia. All procedures approved by the UGA Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. Refreshments, lunches, certificate of training, and full color printed course notes containing all tutorial materials will be provided.MAX: 16 veterinarians on Friday and Saturday, 12 veterinarians on Sunday. Veterinarians are encouraged to bring their technician.

Event Address: UGA College of Veterinary Medicine501 D.W. Brooks Drive, Athens, GA, United States

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For More Information:Melissa Kilpatrick

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