Avian & Reptile Endoscopy


Date: December 05 - December 06, 2015


One of the internationally acclaimed endoscopy training programs from the University of Georgia, this 15-hour continuing education course is designed to teach the theory and practical applications of diagnostic endoscopy in birds and reptiles. Whether you are a private practitioner, zoo/aquarium/wildlife veterinarian, or researcher this course will train you to perform minimally-invasive endoscopic procedures including biopsy techniques.This is a basic- to intermediate-level course, and fundamental knowledge of avian and reptilian anatomy is assumed. You will be trained using PowerPoint lectures and video presentations on:- equipment choice and care- coelioscopy- gastro-intestinal and respiratory endoscopy of reptiles- gastro-intestinal endoscopy and tracheoscopy of birds- biopsy and sampling techniques- endoscopy fee structure and practice management

Event type: CE Conference

Event Address: College of Veterinary Medicine501 DW Brooks Drive, Athens, Georgia, United States

For More Information:Melissa Kilpatrick

706-540-4073, melissak@uga.edu

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