Avian Medicine - Online Course

February 3, 2017

Date: January 30 - April 24, 2017


This program 706-25202 is approved by the AAVSB RACE to offer a total of 24.00 CE Credits (24.00 max) being available to any one veterinarian.Sing the delivery method(s) of: Interactive-Distance.At the end of this course we will be able to deal with any case and know how to work it up adequately to reach a proper diagnosis and treatment. This information, and the graphic and practical way it is presented, is not found in any book and it is what makes this course unique in order to start and advance in avian medicine. In 10 lessons we will have learnt to take a clinical history and to perform a physical examination, to take and analyze all kind of samples, to anesthetize a bird, to interpret radiographs and to recognize and work up clinical signs. In addition, we will have talked about anatomy, physiology and taxonomy, even considering there are no specific lessons for these topics.

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