Anatomage releases the Anatomage Table Vet


The company deems the product the world’s most comprehensive dog cadaver.

Photo courtesy of Anatomage Inc.

Photo courtesy of Anatomage Inc.

Anatomage Inc—a 3D medical virtualization technology company— announced the launch of the Anatomage Dog, the most detailed dog cadaver in the world. Featured in the Anatomage Table Vet, the new virtual dissection table is designed to help veterinary programs, zoology, and relevant health and medicine studies learn more about the canine anatomy.

"We are excited to release a veterinary version of the Anatomage Table along with the world's most comprehensive 3D dog anatomy atlas. The Anatomage Dog took years of development, and now there are almost 1000 anatomical structures segmented from a real dog scan, and the vascular structures are traced in fine detail,” expressed Jack Choi, CEO of Anatomage, in a company release.

“As the first company in the world to spearhead this technology, we are very proud of what we have accomplished. The Anatomage Dog can be considered as the 'Netter's Atlas of Dog Anatomy.' I believe all veterinary service industries will benefit from this data set,” he added.

Veterinary reference books often have limited visuals that prevent readers from staying engaged while for human anatomy learners, many highly visual reference books are available. Therefore, the Anatomage Table Vet and the Anatomage Dog provide visual references in veterinary studies so these learners can succeed in the same way.

The Anatomage Dog is the first highly detailed dog anatomy atlas that comprehensively includes internal organs, including vascular systems and muscular-skeletal structures. Because it uses actual dog data, this interactive cadaver demonstrates the highest level of anatomical accuracy. All the Anatomage Dog volumetric 3D and individual structures are segmented so users can peel them off layer-by-layer to unveil inner details. The individual structures are also fully annotated.


Anatomage unveils the world's most comprehensive dog cadaver with the Anatomage Table Vet. News release. Antomage Inc.

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