American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists to offer service and working animals free eye exams


ACVO with Epicur Pharma to hold 14th annual National Service Animal Eye Exam Event this May

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The American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists (ACVO) has opened registration for the 14th anniversary of the National Service Animal Eye Exam Event, sponsored by Epicur Pharma. It will take place throughout May, with over 260 board-certified ACVO Diplomates throughout nearly 200 cities in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Hong Kong, offering free eye exams to service and working animals.

According to an organizational release,1 appointments are limited and must be made by service and working animal handlers during the registration period from April 1, 2023 to April 30, 2023. The event is making its debut again after a hiatus due to COVID-19.

"Over 550 ACVO Diplomates have volunteered their time and resources to provide free exams to all types of service and working animals, in hopes of catching potential health concerns earlier," stated Stacee Daniel, executive director of ACVO, in the release.1 "The event has provided free examinations to approximately 76,000 service and working animals since it was founded in 2008, and we're proud to be back at full capacity this year."

"During our annual National Service Animal Eye Exam Event, other ophthalmologists and I have found eye problems that left untreated could shorten the service life of these valuable animals," added Bill Miller, DVM, DACVO, and creator of the Service Animal event. "I have been so fortunate to participate in the event and help different types of service animals, including search and rescue dogs, diabetic detection dogs, cadaver dogs, guide dogs, and PTSD support dogs, just to name a few."1

ACVO Diplomates around the globe look forward to giving back during the annual National Service Animal Eye Exam Event by helping the service and working animals that help us. "Vision is so important for the normal function of service and therapy dogs," shared Nancy Bromberg, VMD, MS, DACVO, in the release. "The handlers of the animals are always so thankful for the services we offer, and in return, I feel good knowing I've given back to my community."

Before registering for the 2023 event, see participating locations at To register, visit Once registration is confirmed, the owner/handler will receive a link to a list of participating clinics and their contact information to schedule an appointment. The owner/handler must provide the registration number to the clinic when making an appointment. Appointments are not confirmed until the owner/handler has contacted the clinic directly. Appointments will be held during May 2023, and dates and times may differ based on the availability of exams.

According to the release,1 to qualify for a free eye exam, animals must be active, working formally trained service, working or formally trained therapy animals with written proof of training (and/or active registration for therapy only). Those currently enrolled in a formal service or working animal training program may also qualify for an exam based on clinic availability. Qualification paperwork for the training and current working status of either the service animal or therapy animal must be provided to the clinic at the time of the exam, along with the registration number provided in the confirmation email.

Go here to learn what to expect during the exam:


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