AHS begins veterinary data collection for national heartworm survey


The American Heartworm Society (AHS) recently started collecting data from veterinarians for a national heartworm incidence survey.

National Report

— The American Heartworm Society (AHS) recently started collecting data for a national incidence survey.In fact, AHS officials report, that mailings will be directed to veterinary hospitals throughout the country. As well, veterinarians can participate in the survey and enter their heartworm rate data.

The survey will be open for participation until Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14.

Dr. Doug Carithers, an AHS officer and director of Veterinary Services at Merial, reports the primary goal of the survey is to increase awareness of heartworm disease and offer veterinarians and team members tools about the incidence of heartworm disease.

"The incidence maps created from the collated data offer a means to inform practitioners and clinic staff. The maps also give the veterinary clinic team a tool to educate pet owners about the importance, continuing spread and threat of heartworm disease...this awareness will create a sense of urgency," Carithers says.

"When times get tough, it is common for people to rationalize their lack of compliance, or poor compliance. We’ve seen this when lapses occur locally in vaccination programs, unfortunately this often lends to outbreaks," Carithers adds.To fill out the 2010 AHS Heartworm Incidence Survey, go to www.heartwormsurvey.com.

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