Advanced Veterinary Dentistry Course


Date: November 04 - November 05, 2017


Mandibular fx repairInterdental wiring techniqueAcrylic repairButton and Massel Chain Substrate with AcrylicMandibulectomyRostral (symphyseal sparing)RimSegmentalMaxillectomy (minor)Marginal excision of large maxillary massesSoft Tissue SurgeryType II Gingivoplasty for Base NarrowCanines +/- Composite ExtensionsAdvancement Flap for Lip Reconstruction Post Tumor RemovalSecondary palatal defect repair(midline defects of the soft palate and hard palatal mucosa and bone)Island palatal rotational flap for caudal palatal defectsCaudal mucosal advancement flap for ONF repair and large rostral maxillary defectsLingual mass excision and closureElongated soft palate excisionRestorationsMaterials and methodsRestorations for enamel defects and dentin exposureEnamel defect preparation and bondingMiscellaneousLateral mandibular body approach to mandibular canal root tips1. Online learning assignments, resources and discussions leading up to the course starting March 12. Two intense days of step-by-step procedures and discussions in Orlando in November 4th and 5th3. Individual anonymous procedure critique each day of selected procedures. The group will watch as we look anonymously at cadavers from the course and deconstruct the procedures.4. Lifetime access to the Advanced Course Private Website (much like the Academy site but only for Advanced attendees)5. Lifetime access to the Private Advanced Google + Group6. Opportunity to contribute to course development and content by providing feedback and resources (not required)7. Friday night social meet-up8. Five month payment option if desired

Event type: Wet Lab

Event Address: Orlando, Florida

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For More Information:Dr. Annie Mills,

493 Semoran Blvd ,Orlando ,Florida ,32707 ,United States


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