Advanced Spinal Surgery


Date: September 09 - September 11, 2016


This three day conference will focus on advanced neurosurgical procedures of the cervical and thoracolumbar spine. The first day will consist of lectures including instrumentation, anesthetic and analgesic protocols, and step-by-step, tricks and tips of five most common spinal procedures T-L laminectomy, cervical slot decompression, spinal fracture stabilization, atlantoaxial stabilization, L7 S1 decompression and stabilization. The second and third day, attendees will perform three laboratories that encompass those surgeries. Fresh cadavers will be available for all laboratories. Preceding each laboratory the instructors will provide demonstration on their unique methods and techniques. The SOP locking Plate will be used for stabilizations. The attendees are encouraged to bring magnifying surgical loupes. This is an advanced course and attendees should already have basic knowledge of these surgical conditions, and basic surgical proficiency.

Event type: Hands-on labs

Event Address: Oquendo Center2425 E. Oquendo Rd., Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

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For More Information:Janis Knoetzel,wvc

2425 E. Oquendo Rd. ,Las Vegas ,Nevada ,89120 ,USA


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