Advanced Oral and Maxillofacial Trauma: Imaging, Surgical Planning, and Repair

September 12, 2019

Date: December 19 - December 21, 2019


This is a novel course aimed at advancing the diagnostic and technical skills of participants in various real-life scenarios of oral and maxillofacial trauma in dogs and cats. The course involves a full day dedicated to diagnostic imaging and surgical planning. Participants will increase their understanding of the various imaging modalities and practice image manipulation, 3D rendering, and surgical planning of real cases. On the second and third days of the course, participants will learn and practice a combination of surgical approaches such as internal fixation and minimally invasive techniques to manage oral and maxillofacial fractures. Combined, participants will experience realistic, pre-fractured models and a diversity of repair modalities. The theoretical lectures are designed to provide the participants with a platform to understand and perform each procedure. We will cover important imaging and traumatic conditions frequently seen in dogs that require repair. Furthermore, we will methodically approach common and advanced scenarios encountered before, during, and after these surgeries. The hands-on labs will be designed to progress from imaging and surgical planning to oral and maxillofacial fracture repair.

Event type: WVC Academy Course

Event Address: Oquendo Center2425 E Oquendo Rd., Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

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