Advanced Laparoscopic/Thoracoscopic Surgery (Rawlings/Runge)


Date: September 30 - October 01, 2017


Advanced Laparoscopic/Thoracoscopic SurgeryUniversity of Georgia, College of Veterinary MedicineSept 30-Oct 1, 2017 (full days on Saturday and Sunday)15 Continuing Education Hours (lecture and lab) Registration includes textbook (Small Animal Endoscopy): $2,000The advanced course is designed for people who have performed some endoscopy or taken a basic course. This is our most evolving course as endoscopic treatments are constantly modified and developed. Participants will be divided into small surgery teams of no more than three veterinarians. Each group chooses the procedures they wish to perform in lab.Lead Instructors: Drs. Clarence Rawlings and Jeff Runge. At least one surgeon for every two groups will teach in the laboratory.DAY 1 (September 30, 2017)8:30 8:40 am Welcome & Introductions8:40 -9:40 Laparoscopy: Anesthesia, Instrumentation, Exploration/Biopsies9:40-10:00 Minimally Invasive Surgical Techniques 10:00 10:45 Refreshment Break with Psychomotor Skills in Lab10:4511:45 Minimally Invasive Surgical Treatments (continued) 11:45-12:15 Updates on Minimally Invasive Surgical Techniques Alternative techniques for Laparoscopic gastropexy and calculi removal.12:15 1:10 pm Lunch with instructors1:10 1:30 Endoscopic Knot Tying, EndoStitch, & V-Loc Suturing 1:30-1:45 Force Triad and Power Equipment 1:45 2:00 Decreasing port numbers, SILS and assisted techniques2:00-2:30 Thoracoscopy: Anesthesia, Airway, and Instrumentation 2:30-3:15 Break in Lab Endoscopic Suturing & Knot Tying3:15-4:15 Thoracoscopy Treatments with Case Presentations 4:15 4:30 Lab Orientation (team forming & technique selection for Day 2)4:30 5:00 Participant Roundtable: What Did I Learn?DAY 2 (October 1, 2017) 8:00 ? 8:30 a.m. Continental Breakfast 8:30?12:00 Wet Lab: Organ & mass biopsies, gastropexy (1 of 3 alternatives), cholecystectomy, spay, calculi removal (multiple approaches), intracorporeal and extracorporal knot tying, excision biopsy of left medial iliac lymph node for cancer staging, dissect and remove left adrenal gland, and enterostomy feeding tube placement. Use of SILS, multiple uses of wound retraction device and barbed suture. 12:00?1:00 pm Lunch with the Instructors 1:00?4:30 Wet Lab:Laparoscopy Followed by Thoracoscopy in Lab: pericardium resections, lung biopsy with endo?loop, lobectomy with stapler, thoracic duct clip, lymph node dissection, cisterna chyli ablation, extracorporeal knot tying around internal thoracic when in dorsal recumbency. Hybrid approach for resecting lung lobes. 4:30 5:00 Roundtable: What Did I Learn? What Can I Take Home? For more information and registration, please or (706-542-1451)

Event type: lectures and wet labs

Event Address: Univesity of Georgia, College of Veterinary Medicine501 D.W. Brooks Drive, Athens, GA, USA

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Sponsor: University of Georgia

For More Information:Melissa Kilpatrick,University of Georgia

501 D.W. Brooks Drive ,Athens ,GA ,30605-7390 ,USA


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