Adequan Canine 'extremely limited' due to plant renovations


Production of canine arthritis treatment stopped in May; unclear when production will resume.

Novartis Animal Health issued a letter to veterinarians in May announcing that supplies of Adequan Canine were “extremely limited.” Production of the product has halted due to renovations and manufacturing improvements at a New York manufacturing plant.

Adequan Canine (polysulfated glycosaminoglycan or PSGAG), a prescription-based, intramuscular injectable agent that protects a dog’s cartilage, is licensed to Novartis Animal Health by Luitpold Pharmaceuticals. According to the letter, Luitpold has informed Novartis that the renovations at its plant stopped production of all human and animal health injectable medications manufactured there.

“Going forward, we expect that managing your current Adequan Canine patients will be a challenge,” states the letter, which is signed by Andy Ferrigno, vice president of sales for Novartis. “Our team of veterinarians can be a good medical resource for you as you consider case management options for Adequan Canine patients.”

The letter says it is unclear when production will resume. It advises veterinarians to call (800) 637-0281 to speak with a Novartis veterinarian and check with their Novartis Animal Health territory manager on the availability.

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