ACVC 2019: 3 key things to look for when interpreting an ECG

November 3, 2019
Heather Carter, BS, LVT, VTS (Anesthesia/Analgesia)

Follow this step-by-step process to interpret ECGs

When interpreting an ECG, there are a few essential things to look out for. Having a step-by-step process to identify them can help, says Heather Carter, LVT, BS, VTS (Anesthesia, Analgesia), manager of operational excellence at specialty clinic Bush Veterinary Neurology Service, with locations in Georgia, Maryland and Virginia.

At this year's Atlantic Coast Veterinary Conference (ACVC), Carter spoke with dvm360 about the 3-step process she follows to interpret an ECG: "The same approach works every single time," she says.

In the video, she explains how her recommended approach can help you differentiate between an atrial and ventricular problem.