Abaxis to enter veterinary reference lab market


Union City, Calif.-- Abaxis, Inc. is entering the veterinary reference laboratory market after inking a deal with Kansas State University (KSU).

Union City, Calif.-- Abaxis, Inc. is building a full-service commercial reference laboratory for veterinarians after the company recently inked a deal with Kansas State University.

In a prepared statement, Abaxis officials report they are in the final stages of selecting a building in the Kansas City area for the state-of-the-art laboratory testing facility. In fact, this facility will serve as a hub for the Abaxis Veterinary Reference Laboratory (AVRL). The company reportedly secured employment agreements with senior executives with extensive experience in start-up, operation and commercialization of laboratory services.

Clint Severson, CEO and chairman of the board for Abaxis adds, "We have been working on this project for one-and-a-half years, and are excited that the strategic alliance has finally come together so we can get to work on executing the plans that have been in place for some time now."

Martin Mulroy, vice president of sales and marketing for North American Animal Health says, "While this venture will be a full-service, highly competitive commercial laboratory, it will focus on specialty and esoteric testing and analysis which today cannot typically be conducted at the point of care. AVRL gives Abaxis yet another tool to help our customers operate the most comprehensive, competitive and cost-effective veterinary practices in the United States."

"Collaboration between our animal health experts here at K-State and Abaxis shows what is possible when higher education and industry work together," explains Kirk Schulz, KSU's president. "Building relationships like this will help make K-State a top 50 public research university. The partnership with Abaxis provides momentum not only for K-State but for the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor as a whole."

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