A senior cat finds her voice


How artificial intelligence technology transformed one senior cats health journey

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Lexi, a 20-year-old feline, has been under the careful watch of her owner Kristin Wuhrman for over 2 decades. However, Wuhrman isn’t your average cat owner. She brings years of experience working with veterinarians across various sectors, including pet insurance, genetics, pharmaceuticals, and animal welfare. With 4 senior cats under her wing, Wuhrman’s approach to pet care has always been proactive, characterized by regular vet visits, in-home wellness, and close partnerships with pet health professionals, such as Ken Lambrecht, DVM, founder and chief executive officer at Healthy Pet Connect.

Lexi, a 20-year-old feline (Image courtesy of Kristin Wuhrman)

Lexi, a 20-year-old feline (Image courtesy of Kristin Wuhrman)

As Lexi advanced in age, her health presented a complex puzzle. Despite Wuhrman’s meticulous care and frequent consultations with a feline expert specializing in micro-dosing methimazole for hyperthyroidism, there were still lingering uncertainties. How do you truly understand a senior cat who has grown adept at masking discomfort?

The introduction of Tably, created by Sylvester Ai, is an AI-powered platform Ken Lambrecht, DVM, recommended for Wuhrman. Its unique ability to interpret Lexi’s expressions and behaviors gave Wuhrman valuable data directly from Lexi’s perspective, giving Lexi a “voice.”

A closer look at Tably

Wuhrman recounts her initial encounter with the platform as eye-opening. Tably confirmed suspicions when Lexi came down with an upper respiratory infection — her discomfort was palpable through the data provided. It was a reality check for Wuhrman, who realized she had a new ally in understanding and managing her cat’s health. This partnership with Tably fostered a sense of collaboration and trust, enhancing Wuhrman’s ability to care for Lexi.

Making a difference

A notable moment came when Lexi was experiencing worsening side effects from her antibiotic. Sylvester Ai’s facial recognition features allowed Wuhrman to communicate effectively with Lexi’s veterinarian, leading to an informed decision to discontinue the medication early. This choice would have been fraught with uncertainty otherwise. Lexi recovered well and was back to her normal self.

Proactive care and preventative measures

Tably also helped Wuhrman manage the health and behavior of her other cats. It reassured her when the AI suggested that one of her cats simply needed space and time—crucial guidance in a multi-cat household.

The benefits of Tably for cat owners and veterinary clinics

Wuhrman believes Tably could revolutionize pet care by establishing baselines for individualized feline behavior patterns, making it easier for other cat owners to spot subtle changes. The technology could also be transformative for vet clinics, potentially preventing health issues through stress reduction, which has been identified as a significant factor in feline conditions like cystitis.

Wuhrman has developed a strong trust in Tably’s AI technology and feels more confident about the future of pet health management. Tably is not just another app for Wuhrman —it’s an essential component of Lexi’s care. She envisions a future where technology like Tably and veterinarians work together for the most accurate remote monitoring, a service she finds invaluable regardless of cost.

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