5 veterinary exam room nightmares


Sometimes client conversations take a horrifying turn. Practice taking control of these discussions.

Where would we be without our wonderful clients? They're the reason we're able to do what we love, and they give a voice to the animals who brought us into this profession. But there are moments where disguising your look of surprise can be hard. Next time you're having a bad day, pull out this list of scary-but-true stories-and talk about how you'd respond with your team.

One final thought: Despite these challenging situations, I wouldn't change our clients-or my job-for anything. So next time you face an uncomfortably comical scenario with clients in an exam room, look for the humor. After all, our client conversations keep our work days interesting. 

Oriana Scislowicz, BS, LVT, VDT, is a Firstline Editorial Advisory Board member and a technician in Richmond, Virginia.

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