5 Must-reads for International Women's Day

March 8, 2021
dvm360 Staff

Ladies (and gentlemen), check out these articles highlighting women in veterinary medicine.

Happy International Women's Day! We want to celebrate all the hardworking women in the veterinary profession who continue to empower one another and tear down barriers to create a more inclusive workplace. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your determination, work ethic, resiliency, and dedication to providing the best quality of care to your furry patients.

In observance of this special day, we have selected 5 articles that demonstrate the struggles female veterinarians face as well as the power and grace you possess. So, why not take some time for yourself today, kick back, and read these thought-provoking and challenging, yet also inspiring, articles about you.

  1. Leadership and the veterinary industry: Where are the women?: Women are still vastly underrepresented in leadership and practice ownership throughout the profession. Discover some possible reasons why, along with some suggested solutions.
  2. Veterinary gender discrimination: A real and serious problem: Although women make up 76% of all UK veterinarians, a study revealed that not only are women in the profession overlooked for promotions, they are also seen as inept by blatantly sexist clients.
  3. A veterinarian's plea for help: A female veterinarian from rural Australia writes a plea for help and change as she shares the challenges she faces running a practice with an ongoing veterinarian shortage.
  4. Parenting and practicing in a global pandemic: DVMoms Q&A: Listen in as 2 veterinarian moms engage in an open dialogue about the ups and downs of running a practice and parenting during COVID-19.
  5. Yas Queen! Celebrating the women of veterinary medicine: Empowered women empower women–especially in the veterinary profession. Check out some sound advice and wisdom provided by female industry leaders.